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Hilton London Islington in Islington, London Hilton London IslingtonIslington
A 4-star hotel in Upper Street, with air conditioning, bar, internet access, restaurant, room service, safe, TVs, car par... more
Journey's Hostels in Islington, London Journey's HostelsIslington
A hostel at 54-58 Caledonian Road.
Jurys Inn in Islington, London Jurys InnIslington
A 3-star hotel in Pentonville Road, with bar, restaurant, ensuite bathrooms, car parking, internet access, laundry servic... more
Keystone Hostel in Islington, London Keystone HostelIslington
A hostel at 272-276 Pentonville Road. It has internet access.
Premier Inn in Islington, London Premier InnIslington
A 3-star hotel in York Way, with air conditioning, car parking, restaurant, Wi-Fi, TVs, ensuite bathrooms, bar. Premier T... more
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