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Best Western London Highbury in Finsbury Park, London Best Western London Highbury★★★Finsbury Park
A 3-star hotel in Seven Sisters Road, with air conditioning, bar, business facilities, ensuite bathrooms, internet access... more
Lanark Hotel in Finsbury Park, London Lanark HotelFinsbury Park
A hotel at 348 Seven Sisters Road, near Holloway.
Lohia Excelsior Hostel in Finsbury Park, London Lohia Excelsior HostelHostelFinsbury Park
A hostel in Seven Sisters Road, a short distance from Holloway.
Michael's Guest House in Kentish Town, London Michael's Guest HouseB&BKentish Town
A B&B hotel in Kentish Town, close to Holloway. It has TVs, business facilities.
Pembury Hotel in Finsbury Park, London Pembury Hotel★★★Finsbury Park
A 3-star hotel in Seven Sisters Road. The Pembury Hotel is a 70-bedroom hotel based in London's Finsbury Park.
Queens Hotel in Finsbury Park, London Queens HotelFinsbury Park
A hotel at 324 Seven Sisters Road, near Holloway. It has ensuite bathrooms.
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