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Holland ParkHolland Park Holland Park, near Kensington Palace, is one of London’s loveliest, and least known parks. 
Accommodation in London
Name Area
Best Western Seraphine Olympia in Kensington, London Best Western Seraphine Olympia★★★Kensington
A 3-star hotel in Kensington High Street, a short distance from Holland Park.
Cafexpress in Kensington, London Cafexpress★★★★Kensington
A 4-star hotel in Kensington. It has car parking, bar, restaurant, safe, TVs, room service.
Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, London Copthorne Tara Hotel★★★★Kensington
A 4-star hotel in Scarsdale Place, with bar, restaurant, car parking, TVs, room service, safe. Situated in the Kensington... more
Hilton London Kensington in Holland Park, London Hilton London Kensington★★★★Holland Park
A 4-star hotel at 179-199 Holland Park Avenue. Hilton London Kensington is situated within easy reach of Olympia Exhibiti... more
Holland Court Hotel in West Kensington, London Holland Court Hotel★★★West Kensington
A 3-star hotel in Holland Road, a short distance from Holland Park.
Holland Inn Hotel in West Kensington, London Holland Inn HotelB&BWest Kensington
A B&B hotel at 59 Holland Road. It has TVs, gym facilities, air conditioning, bar, restaurant.
Kensington Guest House in Notting Hill, London Kensington Guest HouseB&BNotting Hill
A B&B hotel in Holland Park Avenue, with TVs, restaurant. Situated in Kensington, The Kensington Guest House is ideal... more
Kensington Suite Hotel in West Kensington, London Kensington Suite HotelWest Kensington
A hotel at 128-130 Holland Road. It has Wi-Fi, TVs, safe, restaurant, internet access, air conditioning, bar, ensuite bat... more
London Visitors Hotel in West Kensington, London London Visitors HotelB&BWest Kensington
A B&B hotel in Holland Road. London Visitors Hotel is located close to London's foremost exhibition centres. There ar... more
Ravna Gora Hotel in Notting Hill, London Ravna Gora Hotel★★★Notting Hill
A 3-star hotel at 29 Holland Park Avenue. The Ravna Gora Hotel is situated within easy reach of Olympia exhibition centre... more
Russell Court Hotel in West Kensington, London Russell Court HotelWest Kensington
A hotel in Russell Road, not far from Holland Park.
Youth Hostel Association in Kensington, London Youth Hostel AssociationHostelKensington
A hostel in Kensington, near Holland Park.
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