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GreenwichGreenwich Greenwich is famous for the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark and National Maritime Museum. 
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Holiday Inn Express in Greenwich, London Holiday Inn Express★★★Greenwich
A 3-star hotel in Bugsby's Way, with bar, restaurant, TVs, business facilities, internet access, Wi-Fi.
Ibis Hotel in Greenwich, London Ibis Hotel★★★Greenwich
A 3-star hotel at 30 Stockwell Street. It has bar, car parking, TVs, safe.
King William Hotel in Greenwich, London King William HotelGreenwich
A hotel in Trafalgar Road.
Novotel in Greenwich, London Novotel★★★★Greenwich
A 4-star hotel at 173-185 Greenwich High Road.
St. Christopher's Inn in Greenwich, London St. Christopher's InnHostelGreenwich
A hostel in Greenwich High Road. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inn Hostels provide bed and... more
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