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Ace Hotel in Shadwell, London Ace Hotel★★★Shadwell
A 3-star hotel in Shoreditch High Street, not far from Dalston.
Boundary in Bethnal Green, London BoundaryBethnal Green
A hotel in Bethnal Green, near Dalston.
City View Hotel in Bethnal Green, London City View HotelB&BBethnal Green
A B&B hotel in Cambridge Heath Road. City View Hotel is situated very close to Bethnal Green Underground Station with... more
City View Hotel in Bethnal Green, London City View HotelB&BBethnal Green
A B&B hotel at 113 Roman Road, close to Dalston.
Dictionary in Bethnal Green, London DictionaryHostelBethnal Green
A hostel in Kingsland Road, not far from Dalston.
Holiday Inn Express London City in The City, London Holiday Inn Express London City★★★The City
A 3-star hotel at 275 Old Street. Holiday Inn Express offer a wide choice of accommodation facilities and services. Added... more
Hoxton in The City, London Hoxton★★★The City
A 3-star hotel in Great Eastern Street, a short distance from Dalston.
Premier Inn in , London Premier Inn★★★
A 3-star hotel in. It has air conditioning, bar, car parking, ensuite bathrooms, restaurant, TVs, Wi-Fi.
RE in Bethnal Green, London RE★★★★Bethnal Green
A 4-star hotel in Hackney Road, not far from Dalston.
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