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Apex Hotels in The City, London Apex Hotels★★★★★The City
A 5-star hotel in Fleet Street, not far from Aldwych.
Fielding Hotel in Holborn, London Fielding HotelHolborn
A hotel in Holborn. The Fielding Hotel is situated in Covent Garden and is within walking distance of the West End and Th... more
Hotel Strand Continental in Charing Cross, London Hotel Strand ContinentalB&BCharing Cross
A B&B hotel in Strand, with bar, TVs. Hotel Strand Continental is a bed and breakfast with 24 rooms situated in Coven... more
Kingsway Hall in Holborn, London Kingsway Hall★★★★Holborn
A 4-star hotel at 66 Great Queen Street. Situated in Covent Garden, Kingsway Hall offer a range of facilities including 2... more
London Marriott County Hall in Southwark, London London Marriott County Hall★★★★Southwark
A 4-star hotel in Belvedere Road, with bar, car parking, restaurant, room service, TVs.
One Aldwych Hotel in Charing Cross, London One Aldwych Hotel★★★★★Charing Cross
A 5-star hotel in Charing Cross. One Aldwych Hotel is located in the the heart of London in Covent Garden. It is within w... more
Premier Inn in Lambeth, London Premier Inn★★★Lambeth
A 3-star hotel in Belvedere Road, with air conditioning, bar, car parking, ensuite bathrooms, restaurant, TVs, Wi-Fi. Pre... more
Rosewood London Hotel in Holborn, London Rosewood London Hotel★★★★★Holborn
A 5-star hotel at 252 High Holborn. Rosewood Hotels are a chain of Texas based luxury hotels with branches in many countr... more
Savoy in Charing Cross, London Savoy★★★★★Charing Cross
A 5-star hotel in Savoy Court, with air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, gym facilities, bar, business facilities, laundr... more
Strand Palace Hotel in Charing Cross, London Strand Palace Hotel★★★★Charing Cross
Reviewed A 4-star hotel at 372 Strand. Strand Palace Hotel has over 750 rooms and is situated in Covent Garden... more
Travelodge in Holborn, London Travelodge★★★Holborn
Reviewed A 3-star hotel in Drury Lane, with air conditioning, bar, business facilities, car parking, ensuite b... more
Waldorf Hotel in Aldwych, London Waldorf Hotel★★★★★Aldwych
Reviewed A 5-star hotel at 21-23 Aldwych. Following the completion of a refurbishment programme in 2005, The W... more
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