Days Inn, Hyde Park

Location and facilities

Days Inn Hyde Park Hotel

Days Inn, Hyde Park (3), 148-152 Sussex Gardens, Paddington, London
Work 0207 723 2939
Price range:
£135 to £200 (1 person for 1 night)
Breakfast room, bar, laundry, tea & coffee, Wi-Fi, TV, telephone, hairdryer, ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning, safe
7, 18, 23, 27, 36, 46, 94, 148, 211, 274, 332, 390, 436
Edgware Road (B) BKL, Edgware Road (C) CRC DSC H&C, Lancaster Gate CNT, Paddington BKL CRC DSC H&C

Days Inn review

Days Inn, Hyde Park Centrally located? Nice rooms? Value for money? Worth a stay? 303

Craig’s review… I was staying in the cost-a-fortune Waldorf last week and I didn’t really warm to it, but then I came to this pokey little 3-star and liked it straight away. That’s why you should never spend a few hundred quid on a 5-star because you’re just wasting your money. You may as well spend a bit less on a less stuffy hotel, and then blow what’s left on tourist attractions.

5-star hotels are for proposing in, or for business meetings, but not holidays. You can trust me on this. I have been to enough 3, 4 and 5-stars to know what makes a happy holiday – and it’s somewhere like the Days Inn.

You tend to get more for your money at a 3-star hotel. I know that sounds faintly ridiculous, but you actually get more stuff when you spend less money. I had to pay an extra £26 quid for the Wi-Fi at the Waldorf, but in here it’s free. They gave me four teabags at the 5-star, but in here you get seven. The room is a lot nicer too. It’s all warm pines and burgundy reds, and the staff are just normal people instead of unsmiling supermodels. If you need a bathroom that’s bigger than a football pitch then go to a 5-star, otherwise you’ll be perfectly happy here.

Bathroom at the Days Inn Hyde Park

They’ve got a little bar and a lounge downstairs behind reception, but I get the impression it’s not used much. When I asked the guy for a coffee he had a little panic attack. I don’t think he knew how to work the machine. Then he pressed a few buttons and the coffee came out. Phew! When he realised that I actually had a room at the hotel he let me have the coffee for free – you wouldn’t get that happening at the Waldorf.

The breakfast room is quite nice but they don’t do any cooked food; it’s just a lot of yoghurts and hams, cheeses and toast. They have some of those fun-size boxes of cereals as well.

I personally don’t mind the streets around Paddington, but I know it won’t be to everybody’s taste. If you’re trying to impress a date then it’s probably not the place to go, but if you’re just a wandering soul like me then you’ll be perfectly content.

Paddington can sometimes look a little grotty if you catch it on a bad day, but a lot of the side streets around here are actually very grand. But here’s a piece of advice: you do need to be comfortable catching a bus, because you will rapidly tire of walking up from Marble Arch every day. I wouldn’t bother with the tube, though – stick with the top deck of a double-decker bus. See a bit of London! You can catch buses outside Paddington station to practically anywhere in the city.

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