Hotel rooms in London

Hotel classifications

The following should be taken as a rough guide only. You should always check with the individual hotels for available facilities

1-star: Adequate for a couple of nights sleep. Rooms will either have an ensuite bathroom or a communal washroom down the hall. The lobby may have a small restaurant or bar

2-star: A well-run hotel with a basic restaurant for breakfast and dinner. Rooms will usually have an ensuite bathroom

3-star: A comfortable room, usually with a telephone, television and ensuite bathroom

4-star: As above, but with uniformed staff, a night porter, and a high-quality restaurant. Rooms will be very comfortable, and the bathroom will be well stocked with toiletries

5-star: London’s most luxurious hotels, offering large rooms with concierge services. A wide selection of services is usually available, including gyms, saunas, swimming pools, shops and business facilities

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