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Train stations and journeys

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London train stations

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You can pick up train timetables and route maps from the Travel Information Centres located in the following stations: Euston, Heathrow Airport, King’s Cross St Pancras, Liverpool Street, Piccadilly Circus and Victoria.

You can also telephone the London Travel Information service on 0843 222 1234 (24 hours), or visit them online at

Train timetables from London to the rest of the UK can be found at

Tips for travelling on the train

Tourists will likely be unaware of the various rules and regulations, so here is a little list to get you by…

Always stand on the right-hand side of escalators. The left-hand side is reserved for people who want to walk up the escalator.

Barrier at a London train station

When entering or exiting the platform, you won’t be able to use every single ticket barrier… only the ones with green arrows on. If a lane has a red cross on it, then it won’t accept your ticket.

If you’re carrying bulky items and can’t fit through the barrier, look for an extra wide gate (there are usually one or two available). If there are none, then show your ticket to the member of staff standing by the barrier, who will let you through a side gate.

Always let people off the train before you get on. People don’t queue on the platforms, so it’s every man for themselves after that.

Don’t take too much luggage on the tube, and don’t assume that you will get a seat – it’s often very crowded on the tube. During rush hour you will most likely be standing cheek-to-cheek with total strangers (no joke!).

Train times

Trains typically operate from 5.30 AM Monday to Saturday, and 7 AM on Sundays. The last train typically leaves between 11.30 PM and 00.30 AM. (The times will differ depending on the date, and where you’re travelling from.)

How to read the underground map

Each underground line has its own special colour, which is shown below.

Colours of the London underground lines

The coloured lines can be seen on the tube map, which you will find pasted up at every station. Here is a part of it.

Section of the London Underground map

Stations which only serve one line are shown by a little stub protruding from the coloured line. For example, Covent Garden, which only serves the Piccadilly (dark blue) line.

Stations which serve two or more lines are said to be interchanges, and are shown by a large white circle. For example, Blackfriars, which serves the Circle (yellow) and District (dark green) lines.

Stations which also serve mainline (above-ground) trains are accompanied by a little red rail symbol. For example, Charing Cross and Cannon Street.

Most underground maps will also show which ‘fare zone’ each station is located in. London is split up into nine concentric fare zones, or rings, with the smallest ring (Zone 1) at the centre. The closer you get to the centre of the ring, the higher the fare.

Apart from when you fly in from places like Heathrow (Zone 6), most tourists will spend their entire holiday inside Zone 1, but may enter Zone 2 for places further afield like Camden, Greenwich and The O2.

Useful phone numbers

British Transport Police:Tel 0800 405 040, or visit

Transport for London:Tel 0843 222 1234, or visit

National Rail Enquiries:Tel 0845 748 4950, or visit (for journeys outside central London)

Lost property

If you lost an item on the tube, call 0845 330 9882, or visit the Lost Property Office at 200 Baker Street. For items lost on an overground train, call 0845 330 9882.

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