Victoria & Albert Museum to Heathrow T2&3 by train

Tube route from Victoria & Albert Museum to Heathrow T2&3 station

Victoria & Albert MuseumVictoria & Albert Museum is located at Cromwell Road, South Kensington

The closest tube station to Victoria & Albert Museum is South Kensington


How to get from Victoria & Albert Museum to Heathrow T2&3 station by train, with a time estimate of how long it takes on the London Underground

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Are the trains running?  Your tube line may be affected by tube engineering works. You should also check whether the tube train between South Kensington and Heathrow T2&3 is affected by a strike on the London Underground

Heathrow Express is quicker  If you have a plane to catch at Heathrow Airport then you might prefer the Heathrow Express to the London Underground because it’s a lot quicker – but you’ll have to catch it from Paddington station

Return journey:  Train from Heathrow T2&3 station to Victoria & Albert Museum

Note: Closures, cancellations and delays on the South Kensington to Heathrow T2&3 tube route may affect your journey, and you should allow for some extra travel time on top

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  •  ivvey2010 – “I went recently to see the grace kelly exhibition and found this to be absolutely stunning. My ticket was a timed one which I did on the internet earlier that day. I went on a Sunday - it was still pretty busy but nevertheless as I had my time to go into see the items, this wasnt a problem. I just marvelled at how beautifully preserved these items were, and some were particuarly poignant. She was a gorgeous glamorous and humane woman, who found her prince and married him - in real life! The video of their engagement and Wedding is lovely to watch. I definitely recommend this if you are a fan of hers. Other than this I have been to see the fashion installations, showing dress through the ages - again really well done with lots of space around and mirrors so you can see all angles of the costumes. The 70s and 80s are still cringeworthy!. I went up to see the gems collection too - being a bit of a magpie - it was just wonderful to see such ancient yet wearable jewellry, diamonds and famous gems on show. . The cafe is fantastic, and you can sit out in the quad too, where they also have a food stand. I had a cream tea and they didnt charge me full price (did I just get lucky that day?) As they forgot to charge me for butter and cream. Its a huge place to best to plan where you want to go. I love browsing in their shop at the end of my visit. Usually dont buy much as its pretty expensive but I did buy a little book on grace kelly, which at around £10 was affordable and a lovely keepsake. Visit this museum if you have time to wander and gaze on luxurious and unique items.”
  • SarahCroft – “The cast room is fantastic, and worth a visit on its own. It is full of life-size replicas of famous statues and buildings. The ones that I especially remember are the gigantic trajan's column, which has a spiral pattern of carvings all around it, and an incredible replica of the front of an italian church, whose name I can't remember. It is impossible to believe that it is not the real thing, as it is perfectly coloured to match how it really looks in real life. Hundreds of people must have worked on them with plaster casts and rubbings, just so they can recreate it back in england. It makes you wonder how they even got permission to do it, given their colossal size.”

Train fare from Victoria & Albert Museum to Heathrow T2&3

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South Kensington train station

London Underground map courtesy of Transport for London
South Kensington tube station
 (zone 1)

Alternative train journeys, which you might prefer:
Victoria & Albert Museum to Heathrow Terminal 4 or Victoria & Albert Museum to Heathrow Terminal 5


Heathrow T2&3 train station

London Underground map courtesy of Transport for London
Heathrow T2&3 tube station
 (zone 6)

Alternative train stations nearby:
Gloucester Road to Heathrow T2&3, Knightsbridge to Heathrow T2&3 or Sloane Square to Heathrow T2&3

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