Nearest train station to O2 Academy Brixton

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O2 Academy BrixtonThe London Underground station closest to O2 Academy Brixton is Brixton

O2 Academy Brixton, 211 Stockwell Road, Brixton,
London SW9 9SL

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  • AliBell – “If they had more top bands playing here I would go here all the time, because it is the coolest place in London to see a gig. Inside it is amazing with bars and food stands and in the concert bit all the walls are Decorated like they are actual buildings. Definitely stand up if you go because the view is great with the sloping floor so you can see the stage pretty easy and if you sit down everyone just stands up anyway, so you may as well just stand up. And if you sit down its a pain to go to the bar because you have to struggle your way back to the same place, but if you stand up you can just go back to wherever you want. If you stand up try and get next to one of the barriers, because they've got little barriers dotted around the floor, so at least you will have something to lean on. You have to defend it from other people barging next to you though because its mental!”

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Closest station to O2 Academy Brixton

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The nearest train station to O2 Academy Brixton is Brixton

We can help you plan your journey to O2 Academy Brixton from King’s Cross, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo, or any other London underground station near by:

Train journey to O2 Academy Brixton
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