Cheap restaurants in Millwall

If you’re looking for a cheap meal in Millwall then here is a list of budget restaurants. If you fancy spending a bit more money then try our list of mid-range restaurants. Or maybe you can look for a cheap restaurant anywhere in London.

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A selection of restaurants in London
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Dockmasters House in Restaurants, London Dockmasters HouseMillwall Indian
Dockmasters House is a cheap restaurant in Hertsmere Road. It has a menu serving Indian food. The Indian restaurant's opening hours are Mon 12-3 + 6-10.30 Tue 12-3 + 6-10.30 Wed 12-3 + 6-10.30 Thu 12-3 + 6-10.30 Fri 12-3 + 6-10.30 Sat 12-3 + 6-10.30

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