Expensive restaurants in Lewisham

If you’re trying to impress someone with an expensive meal in a fancy restaurant, then here is our guide to nice places in Lewisham. If you can’t find an expensive restaurant that you like, then try our guide to mid-range restaurants in Lewisham instead. Or look for an expensive restaurant anywhere in London.

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A selection of restaurants in London
Name of restaurant Location Menu Cost
Cinnamon in Restaurants, London CinnamonLewisham Indian
Cinnamon is an expensive restaurant in Upper Brockley Road, and offers vegetarian dishes, takeaway, air conditioning, bar. It has a menu serving Indian food
Essence of India in Restaurants, London Essence of IndiaLewisham Indian
Essence of India is an expensive restaurant at 171 Brockley Road, London. It offers air conditioning, bar, vegetarian dishes. The restaurant serves a Indian menu. This restaurant in Lewisham opens at: Sun 5.30-11 Mon 5.30-11.30 Tue 5.30-11.30 Wed 5.30-11.30 Thu 5.30-11.30 Fri... more
Giraffe in Restaurants, London GiraffeBlackheathInternational
Giraffe is an expensive place to eat in Tranquil Vale, and offers bar, vegetarian dishes. It has a menu serving International food. The International restaurant's opening hours are Sun 9-10.30 Mon-Fri 8 AM-11 PM Sat 9-11
Locale in Restaurants, London LocaleKidbrooke Italian
Locale is an expensive restaurant in Lawn Terrace, London. The restaurant serves a Italian menu. This restaurant in Kidbrooke opens at: Sun 11-11 Mon 5-10.30 Tue 5-10.30 Wed 5-10.30 Thu 5-10.30 Fri 5-11 Sat 5-11

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