What to pack: Things to take to London

Make your holiday easier by getting hold of some things before you go. Everyone needs a map and a guidebook, but did you know you can also buy a discount pass and travelcard beforehand?

London Pass – Discount card

London can be a very expensive place to visit, so if you can save a bit of money with a discount card then it’s worth checking out. The London Pass offers free or discounted entry into more than 60 different attractions, sometimes with Fast Track entry past the queues (to save you time as well). They can span multiple days for longer holidays, and you can also combine them with a travelcard to save you money on bus and train fares.

Visitor Oyster Card

Visitor Oyster Cards work in much the same way as regular pay-as-you-go Oyster Cards, but they make life a lot easier for tourists and day-trippers by pre-loading some credit onto them beforehand – saving you the hassle of having to do it at the station. Not only do they give you the cheapest fares on London’s buses and trains, but they also come with a little book of discount vouchers attached. You can also get them delivered to your house before you travel.

TSA approved luggage lock

In these days of heightened security at the airport, you might be unaware that security personal are allowed to break open any lock they choose in order to look inside your suitcase. That’s why it’s best to buy a TSA approved luggage lock, because they can get into those without breaking them by using master keys.

UK electricity travel adaptor

There’s nothing more annoying than finding out your charger won’t work when your camera battery dies. Or ever worse… your phone! (Where would we be without our phones these days?) That’s why you need to get hold of a travel adaptor for your electrical items. The UK uses a three pin socket. Most other countries use two.

London guidebook

Everyone needs a decent guidebook when they come to London, so we’ve put together a special page collecting together all the best London guidebooks. It includes everything from Lonely Planet, Time Out, Rick Steves and Rough Guide, to Frommer’s, Foder’s and our very own 1,000 London eBook with 200 reviews and 500 photographs.

Pop out map of London

If you don’t fancy carrying a big cumbersome fold-out map of London around with you, then these pop-out street and tube maps are great. They use some very clever origami to open out and fold up again, transforming them into a thin little slip that is no bigger than the palm of your hand, making it very easy to fit inside your wallet or pocket.

Oyster card holder

If you’re buying an Oyster Card or a Visitor Oyster Card then get one of these handy Oyster Card holders as well, because they include a London Underground map on the outside. This will save you having to get your guidebook out every time you want to make a train trip, or from hunting around the station concourse looking for a London Underground map.

If you’re looking for cheesy gifts then here are some novelty London souvenirs


Buy a London Pass  – and save money at London attractions

Save money – Get free or discounted entry into over 50 top attractions

Jump the queues – Get ‘Fast Track’ entry at lots of popular attractions

1-3 day Travelcard – Easy way to pay for London’s buses and trains

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London Pass

Save some money with London Pass Cheap entry into London attractions

London Pass

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Oyster card

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Oyster card

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> Save moneyGet the cheapest fares on London transport

> Easy to usePay as you go credit on the buses, boats and underground trains

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Guide book

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London guidebook

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