Novelty London gifts and souvenirs

Everyone loves receiving a cheesy souvenir from London. But which are the corniest gifts that you can buy? Here is our guide to some novelty gifts and souvenirs that you can buy in London

Big Ben novelty clock

It might not be life-size, but this cheesy Big Ben clock will gives you and your loved ones hours of enjoyment as you sit there together, watching the seconds of your life tick away. You will be able to re-live all those happy holiday memories again and again, as the hours tick by on this golden copy of London’s most famous monument.

Red telephone box

The red telephone box is one of London’s most cherished landmarks, but sadly they are all being phased out now because everyone has switched to using mobile phones, so these toys are probably one of the few places you can still seem them. So you’d better snap one up quick – before they all disappear as well.

London bus-shaped mug

The next time you have a cup of tea, imagine how much more fun it would be if you had a mug in the shape of a London bus! You could even pretend to ring the bell every time you had a sip. London buses are notorious for turning up late and breaking down, though, so let’s hope your tea doesn’t get cold before it arrives.

Model of Tower Bridge

How about buying your friends a model of Tower Bridge – one of London’s most famous landmarks? You can buy wooden ones and metal ones, all of which are guaranteed to keep them quiet for a few hours at least. You can also buy 3D puzzles of London’s landmarks, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

A Beefeater Teddy Bear

The real-life Beefeaters are the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London. They are all highly-decorated ex-military soldiers who spend their days guarding some of the most precious treasures in London. But now you can buy a cute little Beefeater teddy bear instead, and give them a cuddle every time you go to bed. Aaaah!

Postcards of London

How about a selection of London postcards? The good thing about this gift is that you can tell everyone you’ve been to places you’ve never been, because you’ve got the postcard to prove it! (But remember to post them in London so they get a London post mark on it – and cross your fingers that they don’t ask any awkward questions.)

Die-cast London bus

London is famous for its double decker red buses, so how about buying a die-cast model of one – the same kind that you used to play with as a kid? If you buy ten of them at once then you can recreate a London traffic jam. Or how about buying a die-cast model of a London black taxi instead? Sadly it’s not possible to buy a model of a Boris bike.

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

The Keep Calm And Carry On poster used to help terrified Londoners keep calm (and carry on) whilst the Luftwaffe were dropping bombs on them during the Blitz. Well, now you can re-live those terrifying days all over again, with this big poster of World War II’s most famous motivational slogan. (Also available on cups and t-shirts.)

London Underground tea towel

Everybody hates doing the washing up, but I guarantee that they will love it a lot more if you buy them a London Underground tea towel. Hopefully they will love it so much that you will never have to do the washing up ever again. How about buying a London Underground oven glove as well? Because then you won’t have to do any more cooking either!

London tea caddy gift set

If there’s one thing that Londoners love, it’s a nice cup of tea. So how about buying a nice tea caddy gift set in the shape of a London post box and a red telephone box? Then you can stick on the kettle and think of England every time you have a brew. I strongly suggest buying a packet of Rich Tea biscuits as well, for maximum enjoyment.

Union Jack mouse mat

Don’t bother with the expensive diamond rings and beautiful bunches of flowers… how about buying your wife a Union Jack mouse mat instead? She will absolutely love it! Don’t worry if she hasn’t got a computer, because it’s the thought that counts. Nothing says I love you more than a little plastic mat with the British flag on it.

London street signs

Imagine how much fun you could have sticking famous London road signs up around your house. You could put Baker Street or Pudding Lane outside the kitchen, Downing Street outside your Dad’s office, Portobello Road outside your grandparent’s room (old antiques, geddit?), Park Lane outside the garage (or on the patio?), and Brick Lane outside the shed.

If you’re coming yourself, then try our list of things to take to London, and what to pack


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