Convert measurements

Convert distances

Converts one distance measurement into another
centimetres into inches  
feet into inches  
feet into metres  
feet into yards  
inches into centimetres  
inches into feet  
kilometres into miles  
metres into feet  
metres into yards  
miles into kilometres  
yards into feet  
yards into metres  

Convert temperatures

Convert temperatures - from centigrade into fahrenheit
centigrade into fahrenheit  
fahrenheit into centigrade  

Convert weights

Online calculator for converting weight measurements
gallons into litres  
grams into ounces  
grams into pounds  
kilograms into ounces  
kilograms into pounds  
litres into gallons  
litres into pints  
ounces into grams  
ounces into pounds  
pounds into grams  
pounds into ounces  
stones into kilograms  

Convert clothes sizes

Here is a conversion chart for different clothes sizes in the UK, USA, Europe and beyond.

Clothing size measurement chart for the UK, USA and Europe
Men’s shoe sizes
Women’s shoe sizes
Men’s shirt (collar) sizes
Men’s suit and coat sizes
Women’s dress sizes

Measurement conversion chart

How to convert one measurement into another…

Convert cooking measures, weights, distances and liquid measurements with our conversion chart
Acresinto Hectares× 0.405
Centigradeinto Fahrenheit(× 1.8) + 32
Centimetresinto Inches× 0.394
Centimetresinto Metres÷ 100
Centimetresinto Millimetres× 10
Fahrenheitinto Centigrade(− 32) ÷ 1.8
Feetinto Centimetres× 30.48
Feetinto Inches× 12
Feetinto Metres× 0.305
Feetinto Yards÷ 3
Gallons (UK)into Litres× 4.546
Gallons (UK)into Pints (UK)× 8
Gallons (USA)into Gallons (UK)× 0.833
Gallons (USA)into Litres× 3.785
Gallons (USA)into Quarts (USA)× 4
Gramsinto Kilograms÷ 1000
Gramsinto Ounces× 0.035
Gramsinto Pounds× 0.002
Hectaresinto Acres× 2.471
Inchesinto Centimetres× 2.54
Inchesinto Feet÷ 12
Inchesinto Millimetres× 25.4
Kilogramsinto Grams× 1000
Kilogramsinto Ounces× 35.27
Kilogramsinto Pounds× 2.205
Kilogramsinto Tonnes÷ 1000
Kilometresinto Metres× 1000
Kilometresinto Miles× 0.621
Litresinto Gallons (UK)× 0.22
Litresinto Gallons (USA)× 0.26
Litresinto Pints (UK)× 1.76
Metresinto Centimetres× 100
Metresinto Feet× 3.281
Metresinto Inches× 39.37
Metresinto Kilometres÷ 1000
Metresinto Yards× 1.094
Milesinto Kilometres× 1.609
Milesinto Miles (nautical)÷ 1.151
Milesinto Yards× 1760
Millimetresinto Centimetres÷ 10
Millimetresinto Inches× 0.039
Ouncesinto Grams× 28.35
Ouncesinto Pounds÷ 16
Pints (UK)into Gallons (UK)÷ 8
Pints (UK)into Litres× 0.568
Pints (UK)into Quarts (UK)÷ 2
Pints (USA)into Litres× 0.473
Pints (USA)into Pints (UK)× 0.833
Poundsinto Grams× 453.6
Poundsinto Kilograms× 0.454
Poundsinto Ounces× 16
Poundsinto Stones÷ 14
Quarts (UK)into Litres× 1.137
Quarts (UK)into Pints (UK)× 2
Quarts (UK)into Pints (USA)× 2
Quarts (USA)into Litres× 0.946
Quarts (USA)into Pints (UK)× 2
Quarts (USA)into Pints (USA)× 2
Stonesinto Pounds× 14
Stonesinto Kilograms× 6.35
Tonsinto Tonnes× 1.016
Tonnesinto Kilograms× 1000
Tonnesinto Tons× 0.984
Yardsinto Centimetres× 91.44
Yardsinto Feet× 3
Yardsinto Metres× 0.914
Yardsinto Miles÷ 1760

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