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Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence, and is used to entertain guests and foreign heads of state, and as a backdrop for ceremonial occasions.
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United Kingdom (uk)Admin   27 Apr 10, 11:21

Have you ever visited Buckingham Palace? What did you think of it? Let other people know by posting your photos and writing a little review.
Board staff

exile   24 Aug 10, 14:17

As palaces go, I've seen better. I've even seen better in London. I went to Hampton Court and it was miles better than this. The only impressive bit about Buckingham Palace is its location. You've got that big pink road leading up to it and some beautiful parks around it, but then the building itself doesn't come up to scratch. For starters, it is too small. A palace should be a fairytale place, with turrets and huge gates and ornate decoration. But the front of it is just bland. It's just a big boring box shape. Apparently it used to be a big house which was converted into a palace, and it shows. Surely your queen could afford to get something a bit better
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United Kingdom (uk)JRubin   19 Oct 10, 15:49

I've never been inside it but whenever i go past i think it;s a lousy looking palace. I want my Palaces to look like Hampton Court and Versailles, but this is just a box shape and its not even very big. If you look at the front then its got horrible tower blocks behind it. Maybe I should make the effort one day and go inside, but the outside doesnt exactly make you want to visit
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United Kingdom (uk)donald   1 Nov 10, 13:28

Of all the tourist sites I've been too (and I'm not a tourist -- I've lived here for 20 years) the Palace is the most interesting by far. The place just impresses the moment you step through the door. The audio guide is superb and gives you an insight into everything from the events and state visist held here, to the formal dinners, investitures and awards etc. It probably takes a good 2 hours to enjoy the inside of the Palace to its full, and then you can have a rest with a cup of tea on the terrace, and look out over the gardens where they hold the famous garden parties.
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United Kingdom (uk)pearlyqueen   8 Nov 10, 14:08

Having already been to Windsor Castle and loved it, I was already knowing the kind of spendour to expect, but to say that Buckingham Palace took my breath away is an understatement! What an amazing palace. And it is even more impressive inside given that the outside is rather less than impressive. You walk in not really expecting to see the kind of riches that you do. Everything, from the furniture, ceilings (and even the wallpaper!) is sumptious. You really do appreciate the kind of impression that visiting foreign heads of state must get when they meet the Queen. Everything is designed to impress, from the scale, to the views, to the service (each guest gets their own personal butler!)
Being a bit of a dimbo, a lot of the history on the audio guide went over my head, but I can see that it would be very interesting if you're into that kind of thing. But even if you're not, you can still look at the palace and dream of being a princess :applauding:
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England (en)Drummerboy   1 Sep 12, 15:04

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