Jarred Christmas, appearing at the Comedy Store (Jun 2018)

, 1A Oxendon Street, Piccadilly Circus, London51.50998 -0.132332
0844 871 7699

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Jarred Christmas's style is to mix in gags with a bit of storytelling based on his real-life experiences.

He is a very bravura kind of performer, full of confidence and passion, and he says that he can handle anything that the audience chucks at him (apart from bricks). He should be alright with cabbages though.

Jarred Christmas’s previous performances in London were at Soho Theatre and Comedy Store.


Athena – “By far one of the best nights I've ever had out in London. It was a surprise night out from a friend and I throughly enjoyed myself. There was a mix of comedians, ones I knew about and didn't. Three acts in total excluding the very funny host, who primarily engaged the audience for his jokes.Definitely planning to go back, I can now understand why it was packed out. If you get the chance, a definite must see”

grahamp – “Nice and intimate little place, it's not like a big theatre so you always get a good view. I wouldnt sit near the front though because every time i have been its been quite interactive with the audience. Best to sit out of the way if you are too shy to be involved (which I am sure is most of us!) it is best not to do battle with these guys wits, because they are excellent when it comes to getting a laugh out of someone. i saw one guy try and take them on by returning some one liners, and let's just say that he came off worse! good bar and they do food too, but nothing too fancy -- burgers and pizza and stuff like that.”

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