Climb to the platform at the top of The O2

, Millennium Way, North Greenwich, London 51.502852 0.003209
Dates & Time:
Tours from 12 noon to 6 PM (Mon-Fri, Mar); 10 AM to 6.30 PM (Sat, Jan-Mar and Nov); 10 AM to 4.15 PM (Sun, Jan-Mar and Oct-Dec); 12 noon to 6.15 PM (Mon-Fri, Apr-Jun and Oct-Nov); 10 AM or to 8.30 PM (Sat-Sun, Apr-Jun and Oct-Nov); 10 AM or to 8.30 PM (Mon-Sun, Jul-Sep); Closed (Mon-Fri, Jan)
The tour last for 1 1/2 hours (approx), which includes the briefing at the start. The actual climb last for about one hour
Tickets & Cost:
From £28 per person (Mon-Fri) and £35 (Sat-Sun)
See for more information
0208 463 2000
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Most people are happy to sit on the inside when visiting The O2, but how about standing on the roof instead?

If you're feeling brave (extremely brave!) then you can climb over the tent-like roof to a viewing platform at the top, where you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view of the London skyline.

They've erected a metal and fabric walkway from the bottom of the dome to the top, sitting just two metres above the surface. It's 380 metres long and rises 52 metres above ground, and at its steepest point it has an incline of 30 degrees -- which is very steep. Imagine climbing a steep flight of stairs for 380 metres -- that's how fit you need to be.

Before the climb begins you will be given a safety talk by the Climb Guide, and kitted out with a climb suit and some shoes. Then they'll hook you up to a safety harness. You will be attached to the climb system the entire time, so there's no chance of tumbling down the slope. Once you reach the viewing platform you will be unattached and allowed to move around freely.

Note: There are lots of restrictions for this event, and you really do need to read their FAQs before you go. There is a minimum age of 10, a minimum height of 1.2 metres, plus some weight and size requirements. You also need to have one adult climber for every two climbers under the age of 18. And you won't get a refund if you chicken out (seriously!). Once you've started the walk you must complete it, because you won't be allowed to walk back down by yourself.

Craig has never been on this tour (and never will -- he's too afraid!), but he does recommend riding the cable car afterwards. You can find it five minutes from The O2, and it will give you some more great views of London as it carries you across the Thames. The big advantage with the cable car over 'Up At The O2' is that you can just sit there and enjoy the view, without having to do any exercise.


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Admin – “You can go on your own if you wish. There is a maximum of 15 people in each group though, so you may have to wait for an available slot on busy days. Waiting time at busy times can be up to 1 hour.… more”


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