View from The Shard — London’s tallest building

, 32 London Bridge Street, Southwark, London51.504512 -0.086503
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Timed tickets from 10 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Sun, Apr-Oct)
10 AM to 7 PM (Sun-Wed, Nov-Mar)
10 AM to 10 PM (Thu-Sat, Nov-Mar)
Last entry 1 hour before closing
Tickets & Cost:
If bought online: Adult £25.95; Child (4-15) £19.95; Infant (under-4) free
If bought at the door: Adult £30.95; Child (4-15) £24.95; Infant (under-4) free
0844 499 7111
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The Shard is #9 in our London Bucket List
The Shard Easy to get to? Good for kids?
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The Shard is No.6 in our list of best places to take a photo in London.

The Shard is tall. Very tall. This thing is so tall that the pinnacle of it is sometimes buried in the clouds! It rises more than 1000-feet above the city, which makes it double the height of any other viewing platform in London.

In order to get up to the viewing rooms on levels 68-72 you have to ride two express lifts which make your ears pop like thunder (they are incredibly fast!), and then you'll step out into a triple-height, sunshine-filled room that looks out more than 40 miles across the city.

This first room is totally enclosed with floor to ceiling windows. If you're feeling brave then you touch your toes against the glass and pretend you're standing on the edge of the building. If you're feeling even braver then you can climb a few flight of steps to level 72 and do battle with the wind outside. Parts of this level are actually open to the sky, and you can feel the freezing air and rushing wind on your face. As if that isn't terrifying enough, you can also hear the occasional roar of airplane engines flying by.

Craig absolutely hates heights, but he braved it so he could write a review of The Shard. It's worth a quick read simply to see his photos. You can basically see everything up here... The Shard is so tall that nothing is beyond range. St. Paul's just looks like a little lego building miles below you, and everything that you know is supposed to be tall, like the tall chimney of Tate Modern, just looks like a matchstick. You can see the bend of the Thames winding round the Isle of Dogs and up past London City Airport, and the entire stretch of train track from Waterloo to Greenwich and beyond.

The Shard is quite a scary attraction if you don't like heights, so feel free to ask Craig some questions before you go, or post a question on the forum.

P.S.: Craig has also stayed in the 5-star Shangri-La hotel halfway up the building, and you might like to read his review of that as well (it has some more photos of the view).


ian meyer – “Has anyone been up to the top of the Shard yet? I wouldn't mind going but i'd have to take my kid with me, and fifty pounds for the two of us seems a bit steep. is it worth it just for the view?”

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Craig’s review – “I hate heights but I'm going to brave this one, just for you. If I die then I'm blaming you. If The Shard falls down with me in it, then it's all your fault. Obviously I'm not scared. I'm a man, so I don't get scared. Rather, I'm simply concerned about the relative tensile strengths of the various building materials when subjected to the swirling and billowing winds a… continued”

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