Great view from the Tate Modern restaurant

, Bankside, London 51.507467 -0.100155
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10 AM to 5.30 PM (Sun-Thu), 10 AM to 9.30 PM (Fri-Sat)
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Free to have a quick look, but they'll probably ask you to buy something if you want to stay for an extended period
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0207 887 8888
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Tate Modern is No.2 in the list of London's most visited attractions, No.6 in the list of London's best galleries, and No.7 in the Top 10 things to do for free

We wouldn't describe this as a spectacular view, but it's definitely worth seeking out if you're already planning to visit the Tate Modern anyway (and you fancy a cup of tea).

On level 6 of the gallery is a restaurant which offers sit-down meals and a bar. (It's that big glass-fronted level that you can see when you're standing outside.)

If you pick a seat next to the bar window then you'll get a great view of the Millennium Bridge and the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. The buildings directly in front of St. Paul's will never win any architectural awards, but it's quite nice sitting there with a beer and watching the people strolling along Bankside, and the boats motoring up the Thames.

Have a read of Craig's blog before you go, because he's written a review of Tate Modern. It's not his favourite gallery in the world (in fact, he doesn't like it at all -- but that's because he's not a fan of modern art), but he still thinks the building itself is worth looking at. It used to be an old power station, and the stomach of the building has been left empty. It's just a vast blackened chasm now, usually with a giant art installation inside -- the architecture, at least, is genuinely impressive.

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brucemartin – “What is the procedure for free viewing from the tenth floor of the Blavatsky building of the Tate Modern? Does one just find the Blavatsky elevator lift doors near the southwest corner of the entrance hall and go up to floor level ten? When one gets there, is the viewing platform obvious, or does one have to enter something else first?Also, is it sheltered from the rain? What is it like up there? How does it compare with the view from the sixth floor of the main building of the Tate Modern? Thanks.”

Admin – “It has its own lift on the bottom floor which takes you all the way up... or you can go up the stairs if you fancy some exercise. I don’t think you can access it by lift from any other floor, though — I’m pretty sure it’s just from the bottom floor.The central part of the viewing floor is undercover and there’s a viewing balcony around the edge which is open to the air. The balcony does have a roof over the top but it’s still fairly open — you would still get wet if it was raining heavy and coming in at an angle.The view is much better than the view from the restaurant because it’s 360 degrees, and you don’t have to buy a drink to stay there for ages. I don’t think it’s the best free view in London, though — that is definitely the Sky Garden. I also prefer the view from One New Change.”

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Craig’s review – “I promised myself that I would come to the Tate Modern with an open mind, but I know I'm going to laugh at the modern art. It's so bad, it's good. So you might want to take this review with a pinch of salt if you're an art lover.I do actually quite like art, believe it or not, but this isn't art to me. It's more like a song by someone who can't sing. It's a load of… continued”

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