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, Tower Bridge Road, London51.505489 -0.075352
Dates & Time:
to (selected dates only)
Note: Whilst the Tower Bridge exhibition is open every day, the roadway only opens and closes on selected dates - see the list on the right
10 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Sun, Apr-Sep); 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM (Mon-Sun, Oct-Mar); Last entry 30 mins before closing
Tickets & Cost:
It's free to stand on the bank and watch the roadway go up and down (obviously), but you'll have to pay an entry fee to get inside the Tower Bridge exhibition
Adults £9; Senior £6.30; Children (5 to 15) £3.90; Infant (under 5) free; Family £14.10 to £22.50, depending on the number of people
See for tickets
0207 403 3761
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Tower Bridge is #7 in our London Bucket List
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Tower Bridge is No.2 in our Top 10 list of London landmarks, and No.5 in the Top 10 London photos

Along with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace (...and St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street and the London Eye, etc etc), Tower Bridge is one of the must-see sights on every tourist's trip. Everybody in the world knows Tower Bridge, and if you don't take a photo of it then no one will believe you've been here.

The best time to take a photo is when the roadway is up and a big boat is passing underneath. On average the bridge opens and closes two or three times every single day, but unfortunately they only publicise a small number of them in advance. So you basically have to get lucky -- sorry!

Here's a list of the publicised lift times (subject to change at short notice):

10 Mar -- 12.30 PM, 1.15 PM, 4.30 PM, 5.15 PM, 6.15 PM, 9.30 PM, 10.15 PM
30 Mar -- 12.30 PM, 1.30 PM, 4.30 PM, 5.30 PM
31 Mar -- 5.30 PM, 6.30 PM, 10.30 PM, 11.15 PM
5 May -- 5.45 PM, 6.45 PM, 9.45 PM, 10.30 PM
10 May -- 9 AM
12 May -- 7.30 PM, 8.30 PM, 11.30 PM
13 May -- 00.15 AM
14 May -- 3.15 AM
16 May -- 3.15 AM
23 May -- 3 PM, 3.30 PM
27 May -- 4.30 PM, 5.15 PM, 9.30 PM, 10.15 PM
1 Jun -- 5 PM
3 Jun -- 4.15 PM
22 Jun -- 10.15 AM
23 Jun -- 10.15 PM
16 Jul -- 5.45 AM
17 Jul -- 5.15 PM
1 Aug -- 5.15 AM
2 Aug -- 5.15 PM
3 Aug -- 7.15 AM
4 Aug -- 7.15 AM
13 Aug -- 5.15 AM
15 Aug -- 4.30 PM, 5 PM
16 Aug -- 5.15 AM
17 Sep -- 8.45 PM
19 Sep -- 8.45 AM

Note: Even if you don't manage to see the bridge open and close, it's still worth paying an entry fee for the exhibition. They let you walk across the spans at the top for some great views down the river of the Shard, HMS Belfast and the Tower of London.

They've fitted it with a glass floor now as well, so you can watch all of the rumbling buses and cars pass by on the roadway below. Craig has written a review of Tower Bridge on his blog if you'd like to read it. Obviously he was too chicken to walk across the glass floor (he's scared of heights), but he didn't manage to take some photos of it before passing out.


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Craig’s review – “The first time I came to Tower Bridge I wasn't all that impressed, but I quite liked it today. Maybe that's because I'm four years older (I feel about ten years older). Maybe it's because I'm more easily pleased. Maybe it's because the sun was out. Who knows. But it's still basically the same stuff inside apart from the glass floors. The first thing they do is take y… continued”

Read Craig’s review of this event

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