Listen to MPs in the Houses of Commons (Jan 2015)

Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square, Westminster, London 51.499437 -0.124738
Dates & Time:
Usually 2.30 PM to 10.30 PM (Mon); 11.30 AM to 7.30 PM (Tue-Wed); 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM (Thu); 9.30 AM to 3 PM (some Fri)
Note: The House of Commons does not sit during the first week of Jan, one week in mid-Feb, the last week of July, the whole of Aug, mid-Sept to mid-Oct, one week in mid-Nov, and the last two weeks of Dec
Tickets & Cost:
Free, no ticket required (accept for PMQs on Wednesdays)
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This event has already passed

Read The London Craig blog> Read Craig’s review  I’ve tried this event myself. Check out my London blog for a full review, with photos.  Feel free to ask me a question about this event

UK residents and overseas visitors can enter the Houses of Parliament for free and watch the MPs debating. Galleries run around the top of both Chambers, looking down upon the MPs' heads. The visitors section is at the back, looking towards the Speaker's chair.

The most popular debate is held at 12 noon on Wednesdays -- Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs). But this is only open to UK residents, and they must request a free ticket from their MP beforehand. Debates at any other time can be attended by anyone, simply by turning up and undergoing the security checks.

All you have to do is queue up outside the Cromwell Green visitor entrance (directly opposite Westminster Abbey) and go through the airport-style security. Once past the guards you will enter Westminster Hall. This medieval hall dates back to 1097 and has the finest hammerbeam roof in Europe. You will then have to wait in St. Stephen's Hall for a place to become available.

The number of seats inside the two chambers is limited and you have to wait for other people to vacate them before they let you in, so be prepared for a 1-2 hour wait. The queue for the House of Lords is usually a lot shorter than the Commons.

Be advised that you will have to leave your camera, bags and phone in the cloakroom before you enter the Chamber. You will also need to fill in a form with your personal details -- so bring a pen.

Craig has visited the House of Commons, the House of Lords and PMQ's several times, and has always enjoyed it. He also recommends a visit to Mayor's Question Time at City Hall, and the Common Council at the medieval Guildhall. Or how about a guided tour of Big Ben? Or a Saturday tour of Parliament?

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 Guest – “I remember going to this many years ago, when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister (that's how long ago it was!) and it was very entertaining.I went during Prime Minister's Questions, which was very difficult to get tickets for. I seem to remember that we had to write off for tickets and the date we were given was several months away. I don't recall us having a choice on the date -- we got what we were given.The session didn't last very long, and i must say it sometimes seemed very childish. A lot of the questions were not really questions to the Prime Minister at all, but were just a way for the party to have a pop at the other party. A lot of them were clearly scripted, with Tony Blair having a ready-made answer at his fingertips.But it was very worthwhile and a very enjoyable morning, and I heartily recommend it. I think we should all, as voters, go and watch our MPs in action at least once in our lives.”

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