Changing the Guard at Horse Guards

Horse Guards, Whitehall, Westminster, London 51.504644 -0.128126
Dates & Time:
Every day
10.45 AM to 11.30 AM (Mon-Sat); 9.45 AM to 10.30 AM (Sun)
Tickets & Cost:
Free to watch from Horse Guards courtyard (Whitehall side), or Horse Guards parade ground (St. James's Park side)
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Read The London Craig blog> Read Craig’s review  I’ve seen this ceremony myself. Check out my London blog for a full review, with photos and a video.  Feel free to ask me a question about this event

The 'Changing the Guard' ceremony at Horse Guards is quite similar to the one that takes place at Buckingham Palace, but it doesn't have any marching bands or music (unless you include one guy blasting out a few notes on his bugle). But it is also a lot-less crowded, and unlike the ceremony at Buckingham Palace this one takes place every day of the year -- and in all weathers. So you might want to check the schedule for Buckingham Palace first -- if that one isn't running on the day you're going, then this one makes a decent alternative.

The event starts at 10.28 AM, when the replacement guards start riding towards Horse Guards from Hyde Park Barracks. If you've got plenty of energy (and you will need a lot to keep up with the horses!) then you can watch them pass under Wellington Arch and ride all the way down Constitution Hill, passing the palace at around 10:45 AM. They will then assemble on the parade ground with the horses from the Old Guard.

A series of changeovers will then take place on the parade ground, and also in the courtyard, with horses riding to and from the barracks in the courtyard. They will also change the horses that are standing in the boxes on Whitehall. It is impossible to see both locations at once, so what you have to do is pick a spot beforehand and accept that you will miss half of the display. Luckily Craig has been twice, and seen the whole thing from both locations, so reading his review beforehand might help you decide where to stand.

Once all of the ceremonial changeovers have taken place, the Old Guard will ride back to their barracks in Hyde Park -- passing the palace at around 11.37 AM.

Even if you miss this ceremony, it is still definitely worth visiting Horse Guards just to see the two mounted sentries standing in the horse boxes on Whitehall (between 10 AM and 4 PM). This is one of the most popular photo spots for tourists. The guards are not allowed to smile or interact with the crowd, so you will frequently see some people trying to make them laugh (it won't work!). Craig has written about this as well.

After 4 PM they are replaced by dismounted sentries in the 'Dismounting Ceremony' (also known as the 4 O'Clock Parade).

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tiffany007 – “Hello!How would I get here from the Hounslow Central station from underground tube?”

Admin – “here you go — ... ardsparadeit's a 5 min walk from Westminster stationor you could just get the Piccadilly line all the way to Leicester square and walk from there, past Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall. it's a nice walk and it's not too far, maybe 15 mins, and you can see nelsons column along the way”

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