What’s on June 2013 – Art exhibitions in London

Find out what’s on in June with our guide to the best art exhibitions in London’s galleries.
British Museum

Ice Age art… and the arrival of the modern mind

7th Feb – 2nd June 2013  •  British Museum, LondonThe British Museum's new exhibition showcases masterpieces from the last Ice Age, created between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago. Drawn from across Europe, by artists with modern minds like our own, this is a unique …more
National Portrait Gallery

FreeGeorge Catlin: American Indian Portraits

7th Mar – 23rd June 2013  •  National Portrait Gallery, LondonDuring the 1830s George Catlin documented the Native American peoples and their way of life. His portraits have become one of the most evocative and important records of indigenous peoples ever made. This exhibition will …more
Royal Academy of Arts

George Bellows: Modern American Life

16th Mar – 9th June 2013  •  Royal Academy of Arts, LondonThis will be the first retrospective of works by American painter George Bellows to be held in the UK. Widely considered to be one America's greatest painters, Bellows had a fascination with New York's gritty urban …more
Natural History Museum

Salgado’s Genesis — Landscape & Wildlife photographs

11th Apr – 8th Sept 2013  •  Natural History Museum, LondonSebastiao Salgado's "Genesis" exhibition is the culmination of 8 years work exploring 32 countries, and will include 250 extraordinary images of landscapes, wildlife and remote communities. The photographs capture some of …more
Tate Modern

Lebanese artist, Saloua Raouda Choucair

17th Apr – 20th Oct 2013  •  Tate Modern, LondonThe Tate Modern is putting on an exhibition of works by Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair. The artist's extraordinary body of work uses painting and drawing, textiles and jewellery, as well as her famous sculptures, …more
Photographer’s Gallery

Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2013

18th Apr – 30th June 2013  •  Photographer’s Gallery, LondonThe annual Deutsche Borse Photography Prize awards £30,000 to the photographer who has made the most significant contribution to the medium of photography over the previous year. The four shorlisted artists are: Broomberg …more
Tate Modern

Ellen Gallagher exhibition, at Tate Modern

1st May – 1st Sept 2013  •  Tate Modern, LondonThe Tate Modern's new exhibition will focus on the acclaimed North American artist, Ellen Gallagher, who is best-known for her exploration of race and cultural identity. The exhibition will consist of 60 prints in a …more
Queen’s Gallery

The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion

10th May – 6th Oct 2013  •  Queen’s Gallery, LondonThe Queen's Gallery's new exhibition "In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion" will use paintings from the Royal Collection to explore the sumptuous costumes of the British court in the 16th and 17th-century. …more
National Gallery

Michael Landy: Saints Alive

23rd May – 24th Nov 2013  •  National Gallery, LondonMichael Landy will be bringing a contemporary twist to the saints in a series of large-scale sculptures. Landy has scoured car boot sales and flea markets in search of old machinery, cogs and wheels to construct his …more
Tate Britain

Gary Hume exhibition, at Tate Britain

5th June – 1st Sept 2013  •  Tate Britain, LondonTate Britain will be holding two new exhibitions in parallel, comparing and contrasting the work of Gary Hume and Paul Caulfield. The exhibition will spann Hume's entire career, including many well known and recent …more
Tate Britain

Patrick Caulfield exhibition, at Tate Britain

5th June – 1st Sept 2013  •  Tate Britain, LondonTate Britain will be holding two new exhibitions in parallel, comparing and contrasting the work of Gary Hume and Paul Caulfield. Patrick Caulfield is a celebrated British painter who is best known for his iconic and …more
Royal Academy of Arts

PickSummer Exhibition, at the Royal Academy of Arts

10th June – 18th Aug 2013  •  Royal Academy of Arts, LondonHave you ever dreamt of seeing your art up on the walls of one of London's major galleries? The Royal Academy of Art's Summer Exhibition is the largest open contemporary art exhibition in the world, drawing together a wide …more

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