Fireworks displays in London

Here’s a list of the biggest fireworks displays in London. Guy Fawkes Night always falls on the 5th November, but a lot of most popular displays take place on the closest Saturday. The best events usually have some fairground rides, a huge roaring bonfire and plenty of food and drink stalls as well

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Fireworks displays in November

How do you fancy spending a cold November night watching some fireworks in London?


Kingsmeadow Kingstons annual fireworks display with a funfair and food stalls will be held at Kingstonian FCs football stadium
Alexandra Palace

to Alexandra Palace The fireworks display at Alexandra Palace will include a big bonfire ice rink childrens funfair and German beer festival
Bishop’s Park

Bishop’s Park Bishops Park will be hosting two displays -- one for the little kids with less scary bangs and a big one for the adults a bit later on
Ravenscourt Park

Ravenscourt Park There will be two fireworks displays at Ravenscourt Park this year -- a little one for the kiddies and a bigger one for everyone else
Morden Park

Morden Park Morden Park will be putting on an early evening display for the younger kids and then a second main display for the grown-ups

Blackheath The fireworks at Blackheath is always one of the most popular fireworks displays in London -- because its completely free!
Ealing Cricket Club

Ealing Cricket Club Ealing Cricket Club will be putting on a special flying-themed laser show and fireworks display to celebrate the RAFs anniversary
Carshalton Park

Carshalton Park Carshalton Park always holds one of the biggest and best fireworks displays around and is famous for its absolutely massive bonfire
Battersea Park

Battersea Park Battersea Park always puts on one of the best fireworks display in London which attracts around 40000 people every year
Athletic Ground

Athletic Ground The fireworks at the Athletic Ground will be set to your favourite 90s music and there will also be a funfair and food stalls
Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park Wimbledon Park will be putting on two fireworks displays this year -- one aimed at children and another display for the grown-ups
Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park Crystal Palace Park will be putting on two displays on the 5th November -- a little one for the kids and a huge one with choreographed lights
Southwark Park

Southwark Park Southwark Parks firework display is always one of the biggest and busiest around and will be held on the 5th November
The City

The City The Lord Mayors Show is a spectacular event which includes a river pageant followed by a procession in a gold coach and ending with a fireworks display
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