Museum exhibitions in London

Find out what’s on in London’s museums with our guide to upcoming museum exhibitions and events.

Churchill War Rooms

 Private tour of the Churchill War Rooms

Museum •  Churchill War Rooms, Westminster, London51.501764; -0.129109 A private tour of the Churchill War Rooms offers military buffs an unrivalled opportunity to experience Winston Churchill's wartime bunker...
Natural History Museum

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

Museum •  Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London51.496563; -0.176893 Travel back in time to prehistoric Britain, long before the Romans, Saxons and Vikings arrived, and explore its changing landscapes and the...
London Film Museum

PickBond in Motion — James Bond vehicles

Museum •  London Film Museum, Waterloo, London51.50282; -0.119253 "Bond in Motion" is the largest official collection of original vehicles from the James Bond movies.
Natural History Museum

CheapSensational Butterflies

Museum •  Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London51.496563; -0.176893 Step into the Natural History Museum's outdoor butterfly house and meet some wriggly caterpillars, beautiful butterflies and majestic moths.
British Museum

Ancient Lives: New Discoveries

Museum •  British Museum, Bloomsbury, London51.51897; -0.126501 The British Museum's new exhibition will introduce you to eight people from ancient Egypt and Sudan whose bodies have been preserved, either...
Natural History Museum

PickMammoths: Ice Age Giants

Museum •  Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London51.496563; -0.176893 Enter the world of the mammoths, and get up close and personal with some of the largest creatures to ever to have walked the Earth.
British Library

FreeEnduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour

Museum •  British Library, 96 Euston Road, London51.529985; -0.127015 The British Library's new exhibition will coincide with the centenary of World War I, and examine how the population coped with life during...
National Maritime Museum

Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude

Museum •  National Maritime Museum, Romney Road, Greenwich, London51.480975; -0.005411 The National Maritime Museum's new exhibition will mark the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act, and tells the extraordinary story of the...
Victoria & Albert Museum

“Disobedient Objects”, at the V&A

Museum •  Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London51.496819; -0.172532 "Disobedient Objects" will examine the powerful role that objects have played in protest movements.
Sir John Soane’s Museum

PickFreeSee Sir John Soane’s Museum by candlelight

Museum •  Sir John Soane’s Museum, Holborn, London51.51697; -0.117877 Sir John Soane's Museum is one of the most intriguing houses in the whole of London, crammed top to bottom with artifacts and oddities from...
British Museum

PickMing: 50 years that changed China

Museum •  British Museum, Bloomsbury, London51.51897; -0.126501 The Ming Dynasty was a golden age in China's history, and ran from around 1400 to 1450.
Science Museum

PickSleep overnight, at the Science Museum

Museum •  Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London51.497295; -0.176503 Have you ever wanted to spend a night in the Science Museum? Your evening will be filled with hands-on workshops and science shows, followed...
Billingsgate Roman House and Baths

PickFreeBillingsgate Roman House and Baths

Museum •  Billingsgate Roman House and Baths, The City, London51.509331; -0.083159 Some of the best preserved Roman remains in the City are also the least well-known...
Benjamin Franklin House

FreeFree tour of the Benjamin Franklin House

Museum •  Benjamin Franklin House, 36 Craven Street, Westminster, London51.507678; -0.125004 Don't miss this opportunity to look around Benjamin Franklin's House, when the American hero's home participates in "Open House Weekend".
Natural History Museum

PickDino Snores — Sleep over at the Natural History Museum

Museum •  Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London51.496563; -0.176893 Have you ever seen the movie "Night At The Museum"? Well...
Bank of England

FreeOpen House Weekend — Bank of England & Museum

Museum •  Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, The City, London51.5144; -0.089072 Don't miss this rare opportunity to look around inside the Bank of England and Bank of England Museum with a free 30-minute guided tour,...
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