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Saatchi Gallery , Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, Chelsea SW3 4SQ

Opening times and price

Opening hours:
10 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Sun); Last entry 30 mins before closing
Visiting hours are subject to change
Ticket cost:
Adults free entry
Time required:
A typical visit to Saatchi Gallery lasts 1 hour (approx)

Getting to Saatchi Gallery

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Front entrance of the Saatchi Gallery in ChelseaSaatchi Gallery, Chelsea

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The Saatchi Gallery was opened in April 2003 and is made up of work culled from Charles Saatchi’s own private collection.

It was originally situated in the old GLC building – part of the County Hall complex overlooking the Thames, but has since moved to a site in Chelsea.

Charles Saatchi’s art collection

Saatchi’s original idea was to promote artists who rarely got the opportunity to exhibit their work. Famous names like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin have all been on show here, but a disastrous fire in 2003 put paid to a large part of his collection.

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  • ChrisP – “This gallery is like the emperor's new clothes story.. The one where the emperor things he's wearing the most beautiful clothes and because he's so famous everyone else does too, until a lowly idiot in the crowd pipes up that he's actually naked, and then everyone suddenly realises that what he's wearing is nothing at all. Well, if people went into the saatchi with their eyes open and dont get taken in by all the hype then they should see through this &quo… more”

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