Harrods -- The world’s most luxurious store

Harrods department store in Knightsbridge
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Harrods , 87–135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge SW1X 7XL
Work 0207 730 1234

Opening times and price

Opening hours:
10 AM to 9 PM (Mon-Sat); 11.30 AM to 6 PM (Sun)
Visiting hours are subject to change
Time required:
A typical visit to Harrods lasts 45-60 mins (approx)

Getting to Harrods

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Craig recommends… Here’s my latest Harrods review. There are plenty of other big department stores in London. The second best one is Selfridges in Oxford Street. You might like Fortnum & Mason and Liberty as well. Or how about the posh boutiques in Burlington Arcade and the Royal Exchange? (But remember to bring your wallet, because they’re some of the most expensive shops in London!)

History of Harrods

Harrods started out as a small grocery store in 1849. Its reputation began to grow in 1873 when the shop burnt down to the ground, but rather than boarding up the windows for a month, like most owners would, Henry simply sent his customers a letter explaining that “in consequence of the above premises being burnt down, your order will be delayed in the execution by a day or two”.

The Christmas lights at Harrods

Harrods still prides itself in the same can-do attitude today, boasting that it can sell you absolutely anything, from anywhere (as long as you don’t mind paying a small fortune for it, of course!). They have even been known to sell a baby elephant from their pet department.

A truly luxurious store

The inside of Harrods is worth going for alone, with sumptuous decorations that wouldn’t look out of place in a Royal palace. Don’t miss the Egyptian Hall in the centre of the shop, with it’s ancient Egyptian-styled columns, serpent’s heads, palm tree leaves and sandstone carvings.

The Egyptian Hall in Harrods, London

The Food Halls are also worth a visit – the sweets and chocolate section looks like something out of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Even the toilets are worth a visit. (And that’s not meant as a joke – some of them are as lavish as the Food Halls.)

Harrod’s dress code

Harrods have been known to bar customers from stepping through the front door if they are wearing ripped jeans, beach shorts, lycra cycling shorts, athletic singlets, flip flops or sandals. And don’t think that you can sneak in, either – they have porters on the door, known as the ‘Green Men’, ready to kick out the undesirables.

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If you enjoy this then try: Fortnum & Mason (walk it in 26 mins or catch a train from Knightsbridge to Fortnum & Mason); Liberty (walk it in 30 mins or catch a train from Knightsbridge to Liberty) and Selfridges (walk it in 24 mins or catch a train from Knightsbridge to Selfridges).

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