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4, 8, 21, 25, 43, 56, 76, 100, 133, 141, 176, 243, 344, 388, 521
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The nearest train station to Cheapside is St Pauls
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Cheapside started out as a market in the Middle Ages, and originally referred to an entire area in the City of London. Each trade had its own particular area, which lives on in the road names today: poulterers set up stalls in Poultry; bakers baked in Bread Lane, and dairy producers sold their wares in Milk Street.

As the amount of business grew so to did the number of markets in the capital, and a rival patch near Mansion House killed off Cheapside. The Great Fire of 1666 finished off all its wooden buildings, and it wasn’t until the early 19th-century that the area regained a new name for trade.

Shops and restaurants thrived throughout the Victorian era, but have now largely been replaced with concrete offices and business premises.

St. Mary-le-Bow

St. Mary-le-Bow church was originally built by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London, but the church that we see today dates from 1844. The interior was rebuilt in the 1950s after wartime bombing demolished the insides.


If you enjoy this then try: The City (you can walk it in 6 mins) and Fleet Street (walk it in 12 mins or catch a train from St Pauls to Fleet Street).

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