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It's too hot! I'm going to melt

    SarahCroft Thu 18th July, 2013


    I love a nice bit of sun as much as the next person, but this is getting silly :grinning: When I went out to get my panini for lunch today I came back with sweat dripping down the inside of my arms and i could feel drops rolling down my sides all afternoon. Ewwww! :surprised:

    I think tomorrow i will have to bring a change of clothes to work with me until this sun subsides :laughing:

    Back to work tomorrow...

      SarahCroft Mon 3rd January, 2011


      Oh dear, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I've had a really lovely 2 weeks off with my boyfriend and family at Christmas and now I have to trudge back to work and get back to the hard slog again. And I'm not looking forward to it! I know that after a couple of days it will seem like I haven't just been on holiday at all, and I will be planning my summer holiday.

      Why is it that your holidays pass by in the blink of an eye, but the time you are at work crawls by as slowly as possible. Aaarrrggh! :grinning:

      My New Year Resolutions

        SarahCroft Sat 1st January, 2011


        Every year I say I am going to the gym for my New Year's resolutions but I never ever do because i am just soooo lazy! But this time i have no choice because my boyfriend has bought me a membership for Christmas. I am not sure whether to be happy or very insulted! But I can't be tooo hard on him because it is what I asked him to get. And I am sure that he would like a new skinny girlfriend for New Year, so he is not complaining!

        A nightmare getting to work

          SarahCroft Mon 4th October, 2010


          I had the worst journey into work today because of the tube strike. I had to get three buses and they were all packed with standing room only - and of course it was raining as well, which makes it so much more fun. And when I got to work I found that quite a lot of us have not arrived, so I've got double the amount of work to do!

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          I love rainy days in London!

            SarahCroft Fri 1st October, 2010


            It is another miserable rainy day in London... only it isn't, because I love it when it's raining! My friends think I am very wierd because if I have a choice out of sun or rain, I will always choose the rain. I love walking around in my lunch hour when the sky is grey and depressing and the rain is falling from the sky and everyone is rushing about trying to get where they are going. And I love it when the clocks go back, because then everything is dark when you go out.
            I don't think it is the same when you go out for an evening and the sun is still out. It is much better when the sun has gone down. But maybe that is because I always look such a state, and I'd much rather people see me in the dark than in the daylight! :applauding:

            I've got to start going to the gym...

              SarahCroft Mon 23rd August, 2010


              We spent the whole day eating doughnuts at work today. Whenever we are a little bit down in the dumps one of us goes down to the bakers and gets a box of doughnuts to cheer us up. but then we feel bad for eating them and decide to join the gym. which of course we never do!
              We don't need much of a reason to buy them. All it took today was a few drops of rain in the morning which made us think that summer was over, and that was a good enough excuse to buy some doughnuts!

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              Hello. My name is Sarah and I am a telesales girl for a catalogue company. I work near Soho in a tiny little office above some shops, and spend my lunchtimes trying very hard not to buy anything, which is very difficult when you work in the middle of London. I live with my perfect boyfriend in a little flat in Hoxton.
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