An American abroad
by exile

going to see basketball and american football

    exile Fri 1st October, 2010

    got myself some tickets to an NBA game last week - Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Lakers who are playing in LOndon. going to buy myself some NFL tickets to when the 49ers and Broncos play in Wembley this month.
    dont even like NFL really, but i'm going anyway... because it's american. you can get anything american over here. shut your eyes for a while and you can almost pretend that you are back home. you can eat american food, watch american telly, go to american sports games. youve even got american celebrities living over here like madonna and that gwynneth paltro woman.
    still not as good as home though. but ten years time maybe you will have caught up.

    A little piece of home...

      exile Tue 24th August, 2010

      It is surprising how many things remind you of home when you're miles away. Things that you wouldn't think twice about if you were actually at home. Things that you would never normally dream of doing suddenly become necessities. Like going into Starbucks in the morning. I have never been in Starbucks in my life, but now that I'm working in London i go in there every morning. And I don't even like Starbucks. I just go in there because it's American.
      I find myself watching CNN and FOX news on the telly as well, even though I think FOX is the most dumb channel in the universe. And I watch Friends! I actually watch Friends! And not because I think Jennifer Aniston is hot, but because i like the New York cafe that they seem to … read more and leave a comment

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      About my blog
      My name is Exile, because I am stuck over here in Britain because of my job, with no hope of getting back Stateside any time soon. This blog is my take on how an American gets by when he's surrounded by a load of Brits in London.
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      • From: New Yorker, living it up in London
      • Job: Desk jockey for an American investment bank
      • Interests: America; Getting back home to America; Getting promoted so I can go back home to America; Getting sacked so I can go back home to America
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      I usually go to anything to do with home because I'm stuck over here and get a bit homesick sometimes, so football (proper NFL football not you're stupid soccer), wrestling, big american bands like Bon Jovi... I go to them all. I am the loud mouth american that you're probably sitting next to.
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