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Looking for somewhere nice and cheap to stay in London? Need a place to sleep? Here is our list of hostels in London.

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Name of hostel Area Type
23 Hostel in London 23 Hostel, ThePaddington (Inverness Terrace)Hostel
The 23 Hostel is in Inverness Terrace, Paddington. Paddington is bounded by Bayswater Road, Edgware Road, Notting Hill and Maida Vale.
Acacia Hotel in London Acacia Hotel, TheSouth Kensington (Queensberry Place)Hostel
The Acacia is at 14 Queensberry Place in South Kensington, London
Astor Hostel Hyde Park in London Astor Hostel Hyde ParkSouth Kensington (Queen's Gate)Hostel
Astor Hostel Hyde Park is in Queen's Gate, South Kensington
Astor Museum Inn in London Astor Museum InnBloomsbury (Montague Street)Hostel
Astor Museum Inn is at 27 Montague Street in Bloomsbury, London
Astors Quest Hostel in London Astors Quest HostelPaddington (Queensborough Terrace)Hostel
Astors Quest Hostel is in Queensborough Terrace, Paddington
Barmy Badger Backpackers in London Barmy Badger BackpackersEarl's Court (Longridge Road)Hostel
Barmy Badger Backpackers is at 17 Longridge Road in Earl's Court, London
Bayswater Hotel in London Bayswater HotelBayswater (Princes Square)Hostel
Bayswater is in Princes Square, Bayswater
Belgrave Hotel in London Belgrave HotelStockwell (Clapham Road)Hostel
Belgrave is at 9-13 Clapham Road in Stockwell, London. The Belgrave is a self catering hostel that boasts 30 rooms, each of which has a TV. It is also central-heated and provides laundry facilities as well as the use of shared bathrooms, kitchens and lounge areas. A phone and... more
Belsize House in London Belsize HouseBelsize Park (Belsize Park Gardens)Hostel
Belsize House is in Belsize Park Gardens, Belsize Park, with guest facilities including storage facilities, internet access, equipped kitchen, student rates. Belsize House boasts 85 rooms and offers discounts for guests who stay for more than 15 days. Shared kitchen facilities... more
Cape House in London Cape HouseDalston (Dalston Lane)Hostel
Cape House is at 39-41 Dalston Lane in Dalston, London
Central Hostel in London Central HostelBayswater (Princes Square)Hostel
Central Hostel is in Princes Square, Bayswater
Clink 261 in London Clink 261, TheHolborn (Gray's Inn Road)Hostel
The Clink 261 is at 261-265 Gray's Inn Road in Holborn, London
Craven Gardens Hotel in London Craven Gardens HotelPaddington (Leinster Terrace)Hostel
Craven Gardens is in Leinster Terrace, Paddington, with guest facilities including TVs. Craven Gardens has over 40 rooms and is ideally situated within easy reach of Hyde Park and the West End. An ideal retreat after a hard day's shopping. Each room has a TV and a laundry serv... more
Curzon House Hotel in London Curzon House Hotel, TheEarl's Court (Courtfield Gardens)Hostel
The Curzon House is at 58 Courtfield Gardens in Earl's Court, London
Dictionary in London Dictionary, TheBethnal Green (Kingsland Road)Hostel
The Dictionary is in Kingsland Road, Bethnal Green
Dolphin Inn in London Dolphin InnPaddington (Norfolk Square)Hostel
Dolphin Inn is at 44 Norfolk Square in Paddington, London. The hotel's facilities include TVs, internet access
Dover Castle Hostel in London Dover Castle HostelSouthwark (Great Dover Street)Hostel
Dover Castle Hostel is in Great Dover Street, Southwark. The Dover Castle is a friendly, privately run hostel for backpackers visiting London. They have 60 beds in bright and clean dormitory style rooms ranging in size from 3 to 12 people. Daily and weekly rates include breakf... more
Friendship House in London Friendship HouseSouthwark (Belvedere Place)Hostel
Friendship House is in Southwark, London
Generator in London Generator, TheBloomsbury (Tavistock Place)Hostel
The Generator is in Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury. The Generator is a hostel with over 800 beds in an array of dorms. Basic washing and living facilities are provided as well as the use of an internet room, games room and TV area. They is also a bar facility that is open to resi... more
German YMCA in London German YMCAPaddington (Craven Terrace)Hostel
German YMCA is at 31 Craven Terrace in Paddington, London
Holland House in London Holland HouseVictoria (Eccleston Square)Hostel
Holland House is in Eccleston Square, Victoria
Hyde Park Hostel in London Hyde Park HostelPaddington (Inverness Terrace)Hostel
Hyde Park Hostel is at 2-6 Inverness Terrace in Paddington, London. Hyde Park is located in Bayswater and offers self catering rooms and dormitories. There is an Internet lounge, communal kitchen, late night bar, pool table and laundry service. Satellite TV is available in the... more
Hyde Park Inn in London Hyde Park InnPaddington (Inverness Terrace)Hostel
Hyde Park Inn is in Inverness Terrace, Paddington. Hyde Park Inn is a hostel offering single rooms up to 10 bed dorms. All rooms have en-suite washing facilities. Kitchen facilities are provided and everyday an unlimited Continental breakfast buffet is available.
Indian YMCA in London Indian YMCAMarylebone (Fitzroy Square)Hostel
Indian YMCA is at 41 Fitzroy Square in Marylebone, London. Indian YMCA is a hostel that offers a range of general housingfacilities. The hotel's facilities include student rates
Inner London Hotels in London Inner London HotelsLower Clapton (Lea Bridge Road)Hostel
Inner London Hotels is in Lea Bridge Road, Lower Clapton
Jolly Gardeners in London Jolly Gardeners, TheSurrey Quays (Rotherhithe New Road)Hostel
The Jolly Gardeners is at 187 Rotherhithe New Road in Surrey Quays, London
Journey's Hostels in London Journey's HostelsIslington (Caledonian Road)Hostel
Journey's Hostels is in Caledonian Road, Islington
Journeys Hostel in London Journeys HostelWalworth (Manor Place)Hostel
Journeys Hostel is at 204a Manor Place in Walworth, London
Keystone Hostel in London Keystone HostelIslington (Pentonville Road)Hostel
Keystone Hostel is in Pentonville Road, Islington, with guest facilities including internet access
Leinster in London Leinster, ThePaddington (Leinster Gardens)Hostel
The Leinster is at 44-46 Leinster Gardens in Paddington, London
Lohia Excelsior Hostel in London Lohia Excelsior HostelFinsbury Park (Seven Sisters Road)Hostel
Lohia Excelsior Hostel is in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park
London Eye Hostel in London London Eye HostelLambeth (Lambeth Walk)Hostel
London Eye Hostel is at 73 Lambeth Walk in Lambeth, London
New Mansion House in London New Mansion HousePaddington (Lancaster Gate)Hostel
New Mansion House is in Lancaster Gate, Paddington
Notting Hill Hostel in London Notting Hill HostelBayswater (Princes Square)Hostel
Notting Hill Hostel is at 63 Princes Square in Bayswater, London
Palace Hotel in London Palace HotelBayswater (Princes Square)Hostel
Palace is in Princes Square, Bayswater
Railton House in London Railton HousePaddington (Craven Hill)Hostel
Railton House is at 10 Craven Hill in Paddington, London
Royal Bayswater Hotel in London Royal Bayswater HotelPaddington (Bayswater Road)Hostel
Royal Bayswater is in Bayswater Road, Paddington
Sandeman Allen in London Sandeman AllenPaddington (Inverness Terrace)Hostel
Sandeman Allen is at 40 Inverness Terrace in Paddington, London
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Smart Camden InnCamden (Bayham Street)Hostel
Smart Camden Inn is in Bayham Street, Camden
St. Christopher's Inn in London St. Christopher's InnSouthwark (Borough High Street)Hostel
St. Christopher's Inn is at 121 Borough High Street in Southwark, London. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inns provide bed and breakfast accommodation for backpackers. This St Christopher's Inn is also a traditional British pub that serves a variet... more
St. Christopher's Inn in London St. Christopher's InnCamden (Camden High Street)Hostel
St. Christopher's Inn is in Camden High Street, Camden
St. Christopher's Inn in London St. Christopher's InnShepherd's Bush (Shepherds Bush Green)Hostel
St. Christopher's Inn is at 13-15 Shepherds Bush Green in Shepherd's Bush, London
St. Christopher's Inn in London St. Christopher's InnGreenwich (Greenwich High Road)Hostel
St. Christopher's Inn is in Greenwich High Road, Greenwich. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inns provide bed and breakfast accommodation for backpackers.
St. Christopher's Inn in London St. Christopher's InnHammersmith (Hammersmith Broadway)Hostel
St. Christopher's Inn is at 28 Hammersmith Broadway in Hammersmith, London. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inns provide bed and breakfast accommodation for backpackers.
St. Christopher's Village in London St. Christopher's VillageSouthwark (Borough High Street)Hostel
St. Christopher's Village is in Borough High Street, Southwark. A haven for many backpackers in the UK, the St Christopher's Inns provide bed and breakfast accommodation for backpackers.

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