Bayswater Hotel, Princes Square, Bayswater

Bayswater Hotel

Bayswater Hotel
Bayswater Hotel, 60-61 Princes Square, Bayswater,
London  W2 4PX
Work +44 (0) 20 7229 6436
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Bayswater Hotel is at 60-61 Princes Square in Bayswater, London.

Bayswater is mainly residential, and is bordered by Hyde Park, Notting Hill and Paddington.

Have you ever stayed at this hostel?

  •  Guest – “I am researching my family tree and history, and my great-grandfather was a porter at this address from 1911 until 1922. I was quite excited to call and see if they had any records or photos from that time. Here's how the conversation went: [Male voice] "Hello" "Hello! Is this 60 Princes Square?" [Male voice] Yes. "Thanks, my great-grandfather used to work at your hotel as a porter in 1911 and I was wonder ... [Male voice in broken English] No, no porters here. "Sorry, no, my great-grandfa ... [Male voice] No, no! "Ok, um, how many rooms do you have there please? [Male voice] NO! Line goes dead. The receptionist (or whoever this rude man is) hung up on me. Having worked in customer service myself for over 20 years I can say with absolute certainty that this man has no idea of the concept. For those with a love of history, in 1911 this place was jointly run by Blanche, a miniature artist and Edith, a Secretary. The occupants at the time of the 1911 census had occupations ranging from students, to an Art Teacher, Historical Writer and Secretaries, as well as employing a Housekeeper, Cook, Housemaid and Page (which was my great-grandfathers work there at the age of 17) and was known as a Boarding House. They say time marches on, however things do not necessarily improve and I would say, at least going by the interaction I had with whoever picked up the phone here, that this is definitely the case for this "hotel." Before booking to stay here I highly recommend you research some of the reviews on other sites, as the overall experiences expressed are that it is badly run, and has numerous health hazards, including quite a high fire risk due to candles being burned all night near to flammable items such as hairspray etc. Such a shame... I'm sure it was never The Ritz but I do know for sure the customer service would've been a lot better in 1911 than it is now, in 2017, after all, going from my own and other's experienced I've read, it couldn't get much worse!!”
  •  Guest – “Hi I have worked in the same street just fee doors away from that place, many people visited our hotel to see their memories again. Some of the visitors were living there in 1940s I offered them to walk through the building some of them sad and some of them happy, please let me know if you need help with your searching and I wish you good luck”

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